National Wheelchair Van Rentals

Accessible Vans of America has locations all over the country where people can go when they need to rent a wheelchair van. There are other places to rent wheelchair vans, but because this company specializes in rentals, they are a cut above their competition. You may be better served by the ownership of such a van if you’re going to need one frequently enough, but there are lots of situations in which renting one makes a lot more sense than buying one. For example, if you’re going on vacation, and you have a wheelchair user in your family, then one of these handicap accessible vans will make your trip a lot easier and thus more enjoyable for everyone.

When you do rent one of these wheelchair accessible vans, you can count on the fact that it will be a newer model vehicle with very low mileage. Not only that, because of the company’s multiple locations, you will never have an insurmountable distance to traverse in order to obtain one. Among the various types of vehicles available for rental are lowered floor minivans with wheelchair ramps. Regardless of which type of van you choose to rent, Accessible Vans of America would be happy to deliver it to your home, business or the airport, provided the delivery location is within their service area.

You may think the process associated with renting a wheelchair van would be complicated. Fortunately, it isn’t. Of course, you’ll need a valid driver’s license. You’ll also need a major credit card and proof of full coverage insurance. Sometimes, when you’re renting a handicap accessible van, you need to be able to transport two wheelchair users at the same time. With these vans, that will be no problem, as long as there are no more than two passengers in addition to those wheelchair users.

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